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An infrastructure to deploy metaverses

We’re building a layer 0 ecosystem to enable interoperability, scalability, and user experience across the Multiverse

Stop building SEPARATE Metaverses. They grow faster when they’re connected.

Develop and connect Layer 1 byzantine state-machines with user-defined consensus rules, assets and governance.

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Metaverses need services, tools and users.
We’re sharing IT ALL.

Build and deploy your Metaverse, NFT or dApp into the Mundis Multiverse.

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Mundis The Ecosystem
Mundis The EcosystemMundis
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Operating System
for MetaFi

An infrastructure to deploy Metaverses and NFTs and enable interoperability, scalability, and a unified user experience across the Multiverse.

Mundis is both a technology and visual platform, delivering a complete operating system for MetaFi projects to thrive. It provides all required tools and services for technical and economic exchange, payments, DeFi, visual asset and game development.

Layer 0

A backbone with sub-second finality times, inter-chain data exchange, distributed storage, identity management, naming system, and required supporting services for Multiverse projects.


Bridges to 3rd party chains for interoperability and cross-chain asset transfers.

Layer 1

Create byzantine state-machines with custom consensus rules, assets, economies and governance to deploy new Worlds in the Multiverse.

Distributed storage & CDN

Store data and visual assets like images, music, video or 3D objects in the Mundis geographically distributed network.

Layer 2

Extensible UI infrastructure where Multiverse projects deploy their visual assets and user experiences. (markets, games, journeys)

Mundis  The Ecosystem

our Multiverse Ecosystem can accommodate thousands of Metaverses

Layer 0 backbone with sub-second finality times, inter-chain data exchange, distributed storage and Multiverse supporting services.

Develop and connect Layer 1 byzantine state-machines with user-defined rules, assets, and governance.

Build and deploy your NFT, sidechain or Metaverse into the Multiverse.

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Rattle & Shake

Deploy and test the Mundis Devnet for rewards

Rattle & Shake is a series of incentivized events where our community can help deploy and test the blockchain.

The first event will focus on deploying and testing the Devnet. It will last several days and will feature detailed task lists and milestones, a reward mechanism, and detailed guides & resources. You can find them here.

Join our community, get involved as a Validator or Tester, show your skills, earn future mainnet tokens* and make Mundis a safe network.

Devnet Registry:
Event start: JUNE 2022
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Mundis 2022



Public Devnet

Launch of the Mundis
permisionless devnet

NFT Marketplace

Public marketplace for NFTs

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Victor Corbillon


Mundis Team
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Mundis: Twitter
Mundis : Linkedin
Mundis : Git


Product Design​

Mundis Twitter
Mundis : Linkedin
Mundis: Git
the Team



Mundis: linkedin
Mundis: Git
Mundis The Blockchain
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The Multiverse is not just a virtual space. The layered infrastructure helps it work as a self-sustaining ecosystem. Everything is connected, so everything is possible.


Token, data, and asset cross-blockchain transferability. Just connect and interoperate with other blockchains in the Mundis network.


Easy-to-create custom blockchains using the substrate framework.


Governance wise, all chains are independent, but their security is tightly linked using a data availability and validity scheme.


A common set of validators can secure multiple blockchains and transactions are spread across multiple parallel blockchains, offering financial and transactional scalability.


Next-generation nominated proof-of-stake (NPoS) model helps Mundis consume way less energy compared with other blockchains.


A solid system insuring the involvement of all stakeholders, and coordinating network upgrades on-chain, autonomously, with no forks needed.

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Mundis Social Networking
Social Networking

The user experience and the interface are dedicated to social interaction. Personalize your avatar, meet people, exchange information and keep in touch.

Mundis Gaming

Enjoy immersive games with Play-to-earn and Create-to-earn systems and options.

Mundis Shopping

Interact with your favorite brands, try out new fashion trends, do some shopping.

Mundis Collaboration

The Mundis UI/UX is adapted for professional collaboration, events, workshops, and team communication.

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Engage your customers
Test, reach, sell

Try out your new products. Sell virtual and physical assets. Grow new audiences.

A new, crisp venue
for brands

An opportunity for companies and brands to expand their presence and services into the virtual world.

Create new assets

Make new products, create a brand ecosystem and rules, gamify the whole experience.


Interact with your clients using custom made games, events, systems and experiences.

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Open for developers
Mundis Developers
Sidechain friendly

Mundis uses substrate compatible Rust SDK to develop side-chains, dApps, NFT’s and smart contracts.

Developing partnerships

We offer full support and fair partnership deals for all developers looking to expand on Mundis.

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Mundis Community
Mundis Mundis Community
Mundis Discord
Stay ahead
of the game

Join our Discord community to get early access to features, support the project and get all the news. First 1000 people in our Discord community will receive guaranteed tokens.

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Mundis Mundis Community
Mundis Medium
A friend with a Blockchain is better

We need all the friends we can get in order to test and launch Mundis. Rewards are implied. Subscribe to our blog for updates on the testnet events and other opportunities for our friends.

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Mundis Mundis Community
Become a Validator

It’s now or never. Strengthen the blockchain and earn your MUN share. Help us decentralize Mundis and add your computing resources. 

Become a validator
Mundis Referral Program


Spread the word about our project and get your friends to join our social channels. We'll reward your effort with future mainnet tokens* and discord whitelisting. Check the mechanics and prizes here.

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Tools and services enabling work collaboration, presentation and business management.

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Mundis: Moderator Program


Our community got bigger so we need a few dedicated moderators to help us manage the Discord server and keep everyone happy, polite, and properly informed.

Skilled moderators would be great, but we're also giving enthusiasts a shot. Sign up if you think you have the diplomacy skills and time to do some moderating. More info here.

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Gaming and platform gamification.

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Mundis Ambasador Program


An incentive program dedicated to all influencers in the crypto asset space, to support their communities and sustain their involvement in our project. Together we can gain more traction, visibility, and awareness.

Find out more about our Ambassador Program and rewards here.

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