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Programs & Events

Mundis Referral Program


Spread the word about our project and get your friends to join our social channels. We'll reward your effort with future mainnet tokens* and discord whitelisting. Check the mechanics and prizes here.

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Tools and services enabling work collaboration, presentation and business management.

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Mundis Moderator Program


Our community got bigger so we need a few dedicated moderators to help us manage the Discord server and keep everyone happy, polite, and properly informed.

Skilled moderators would be great, but we're also giving enthusiasts a shot. Sign up if you think you have the diplomacy skills and time to do some moderating. More info here.

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Gaming and platform gamification.

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Mundis Ambasador Program


An incentive program dedicated to all influencers in the crypto asset space, to support their communities and sustain their involvement in our project. Together we can gain more traction, visibility, and awareness.

Find out more about our Ambassador Program and rewards here.

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the Devnet

Deploy and test the Mundis Devnet for rewards

Rattle & Shake is a series of incentivized events where our community can help deploy and test the blockchain.

The first event will focus on deploying and testing the Devnet. It will last several days and will feature detailed task lists and milestones, a reward mechanism, and detailed guides & resources. You can find them here.

Join our community, get involved as a Validator or Tester, show your skills, earn future mainnet tokens* and make Mundis a safe network.

Devnet Registry:
Event start: june 2022
Mundis Validator

Start as Validator

Validators help us bootstrap and scale the network, perform tests, and tune it for maximum performance, scalability, and security. All dependable Rattle & Shake validators will join the Multiverse OS Mainnet as Layer 0 Validators.

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Mundis Tested

Start as Tester

We need volunteers from the community to help us test the Devnet by making transactions and creating tokens or NFTs. More details about tester milestones and rewards here.

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Mundis Token

Mainnet Token disclaimer

Involvement in our programs and campaigns will be sometimes rewarded with future mainnet tokens. We plan to launch the mainnet in Q4 of 2022. Until then, we will keep an internal registry of users who participated in our campaigns and their rewards, which will be distributed once the mainnet is live.


Become a partner

The Audience

Use the Multiverse to engage your audience in a new medium, with new tools to offer them services, goods or experiences. You can talk to everyone through our social messaging system.

Full Presence

To fully engage with the Mundis audience, you can build a Metaverse of your own using our World Builder and place its entry on the side of The Boulevard as a building. This world can be anything you want it to be: a simple product gallery, a guided experience, or a complex game. It can feature your own parallel economy, your own rules, allowing you to gamify the experience or to use real value to incentivize participants.


Users will be able to present a public personal profile and a feed, check out other profiles, interact, and form and join groups. Brands will be able to create official channels that users can follow or subscribe to.

Sell services or NFT’s

Brands can use The Marketplace or the Wardrobe Mall to sell products or services as NFTs. Find out more about what our NFT’s can do and how you can use them here.

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What to do

Develop and connect Layer 1 byzantine state-machines with user-defined consensus rules, assets and governance and advertise them on the Launchpad to gather Governor support and initial capital.

Find out more about making metaverses and side-chains.

We'd like to hear your ideas or plans, you have our full support.

We're going to help

To make things easier, bridges to 3rd party chains can be created, for interoperability and cross-chain asset transfers.

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What you can do

Any creator can sell their content as NFTs, using the Marketplace or the Wardrobe Mall. NFT sellers can receive payment for their creations in any supported Mundis token.

Creators can launch a custom storefront that provides a graphical interface to on-chain NFT system programs for creators, buyers, and curators of NFTs. In addition, the design and layout of storefronts can be customized either as a permanent store or a temporary place for a specific auction or collection.

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