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We want to turn the Metaverse from an elitist curiosity to a mainstream commodity. The Metaverse has to offer a practical use for anyone to get there.

Practicality is our guiding vector in shaping the Multiverse experience.

We propose an open world built for collaboration, socialization, and gaming,  where digital assets can have a practical purpose, and where you can solve practical things with your digital presence.

Digital assets can be enhanced with properties that create unique effects or have specific purposes, unlocking skills, actions, or activities.

A digital presence in the multiverse will bring you a practical benefit.

If you enter to network and socialize - you’ll get valuable connections and shared experiences. There to work and collaborate? You get enhanced expression and communication. And if you just want to shop or play, then you’re in for some immersive fun.

We believe the untapped potential of the Multiverse lies in its ability to enhance experiences and interpersonal communication. This is why we will offer access to a range of powerful dramatic tools and effects, enhancing communication and expression, giving the virtual medium new meaning and an important place in our everyday lives.

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A Human-Computer Interface (HCI) component is needed to visualize and perform actions in the Multiverse. Mundis has 4 components:

  • A desktop interface that provides the most complete and immersive experience
  • A mobile interface for working with Mundis using your smartphone
  • A browser-accessible non-immersive peer-to-peer NFT decentralized marketplace
  • A desktop application directly linked to the multiverse operating system used to create other immersive metaverses: Construct
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User Interface

To enable wide-scale usability, Mundis introduces a UI that incorporates well-established gaming features but eliminates unnecessary or outdated conventions, like forcing avatars to walk to a certain point to accomplish a task that could have been solved with a click.

Besides navigation and interaction in virtual spaces, Mundis will add new features to better convey and express information, including avatar expression effects, P2P interactions, and social collaboration, allowing users to share information and interact in many ways.

Users will be able to customize on-screen contextual information about the environment. Organizing, searching, prioritizing, and integrating other apps to share text, images, watch videos, receive social media updates, make video calls, rate experiences, or provide feedback.

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Shape and Structure

The virtual open-world has several intertwined modules where users can engage and perform actions:

  • The Boulevard and Side Streets
  • The Personal Space
  • The Wardrobe Mall
  • The Boulevard Venues
  • The Workplace with its Virtual HQ and Hub
  • The NFT Marketplace
  • The Construct
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The Boulevardand Side Streets

Social and brand experiences will happen in a specific virtual interaction space you can access from your Mundis interface (and enter through your Personal Space). The Virtual Boulevard is a social space where you can explore and interact with other users or brands, play games, live meet, socialize, share information, and rate services, products, and brands.

Shape and urban style

The graphics of the Boulevard will attempt a highly realistic mirroring of life but will feature unique architecture and structures. The Boulevard itself will be shaped like a circle, with Side Streets developing on its exterior side. Side Street content will not be visible from the Boulevard, with users having to access the street to view its contents. A cycle of day-night will be kept on the Boulevard. On half of the Boulevard will be day and the other night. It will take 24h for a complete day-night cycle, with every spot on the Boulevard benefiting from both moods.

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The Personal Space

It is the entry to Mundis, the start of the user journey. This fully customizable personal space will provide UI options and setups for work and a vast range of activities like social gatherings, games, concerts, etc.

The Personal Space will have the option to accommodate several live users. Their participation will not depend on a full-scale Mundis profile; any user can enter using a Guest avatar, only being required to install the app and supply a basic info set: email/username/password. Guests will have a limited UI but will fully participate in the experience.

Users can set up their profile, add photos, videos, but also offer access to a non-live version of their Personal Space, a 3D extension of their profile that can be navigated and experienced by other users. Visiting users can experience media or original setups, either directly by entering the space or viewing a Friends Tunnel, an exploratory experience linking all friendly personal spaces into a walkable tunnel.

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The Wardrobe Mall

The Wardrobe Mall is a peer-to-peer NFT decentralized exchange but will also be used to create and edit your avatar. For shopping purposes, an “according to life” avatar can be created, including detailed information like exact shoe size, skin tone, or hair complexion, but it will be kept private at your discretion and only used for your benefit, giving you detailed and specific options on what info you share with brands about the interaction with their products.

The Wardrobe Mall's purpose is to allow users to try out and experience virtual brand products, ease Real-Life acquisition, or acquire and use dedicated commercial products from any Metaverse right from their Wardrobe.

Some NFTs can be experienced directly on your avatar, like skins, clothing, or accessories. Others have different purposes in the Multiverse and can be used or experienced in various other places, can unlock abilities, enhance skills, or provide entry to key venues or events.

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The Boulevard Venues

Each side of the Boulevard will feature Venues, represented as buildings. These buildings are entry points to other metaverses or side-chain applications that range from a simple product gallery to a guided experience, or a complex game. They can feature custom-made economies, allowing gamified experiences that use digital assets or rules to incentivize participants.

Gaining access to the Mundis boulevard or its side streets is two-step. First, the entity needs to purchase a venue that can be placed on the Boulevard. This venue is an NFT and can be:

  • a bespoke building created by Mundis for special partners
  • a standard building with preconfigured branding options (e.g., dedicated info spaces, logos, or other info devices)

Purchasing the venue will enable the option to bid for a specific location on the Boulevard. Mundis holds auctions for all boulevard locations on a fixed schedule (e.g., trimestral) dictated by network consensus rules.

Boulevard auctions happen on-chain, so anyone that holds a venue NFT is free to submit their bid. Bids contain two pieces of information: the location on the Boulevard and the duration of the lease slot (e.g., max one year). Auction winners must lock up their bid in a bond for the duration of the lease slot at the beginning of the auction.

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The Workplace

A suite of helpful presentation tools, brand manifestation spaces, and management structures that allow modern business collaboration. The Workplace is a virtual workplace for online meetings, relaying content, and presentations. It's a virtual environment accessible from your Personal Space, with unique fixed camera modes optimized for different scenarios: presentations, meetings, concerts, workshops, or collaborative work.

Instant access to the Workplace will be provided via invitation links. Anyone can join a Workplace through the invitation link as a Guest. The primary purpose is to allow users to create an immersive communication and presentation experience by enhancing data visualization, staging, virtual object, and image manipulation and using compelling novel video and text integration mechanisms.

A set of avatar and interface customizations, object inventory, setups, and actions will be available by default, but 3rd party developers can contribute their content as NFTs.

The available camera modes help participants to focus their attention on the organizer by viewing the complete presentation scene, including text, video screens, effects, participants, and their feedback.

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The Virtual HQ

A Multiverse company office that can be created by any company. It is a private, customizable virtual space designed to help companies inform guests about their work, create experiences, or showcase their work. It will benefit from a personalized interface and action set, an adaptable display space, a programable user-experience tool, and meeting space that can accommodate various setups and scenery.

The HQ can be accessed from your Personal Space, but it can also be placed as a Venue, on the Boulevard or Side Streets.

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The Hub

A new way to enhance daily work experience in your company, do employee training and development, motivate your team, or have some fun.

The Hub is an organizational add-on to the Virtual HQ, offering multiple setups and controls. As a result, organizations can translate valuable processes in the virtual space, like brainstorming, presentations, project follow-up, and teambuilding. It will also allow the development of a healthy and engaging organizational culture using gamification elements and progressive accumulation.

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The NFT Marketplace

A peer-to-peer NFT decentralized marketplace that can be accessed on any browser, without immersing in a virtual space.

Some NFTs can be experienced on your avatar, like skins, clothing, or accessories. Others have different purposes in the Multiverse and can be used or experienced in various other places, can unlock abilities, enhance skills, or provide entry to key venues or events.

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The Construct

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A desktop application directly linked to the multiverse operating system used to create other immersive metaverses.