The user experience and the interface are dedicated to social interaction. Personalize your avatar, meet people, exchange information, and keep in touch.

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Users will be able to present a public personal profile and a feed, check out other profiles, interact, and form and join groups. Companies will be able to create official channels that users can follow or subscribe to.

Friend lists, profiles, feeds, groups, and other social media tools will be accessible, offering UI integrated classic search and visualization options.

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Mundis includes engaging communication tools, character action sets, and controls to enhance socialization in all virtual spaces. The UI will focus on virtual communication, using useful elements of the gaming paradigm, while forgoing unnecessary ones.

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Public presence

Users will be able to become a part of the Boulevard and temporarily pin their Personal Space on a designated free part of the Boulevard for 24h. After this period, the Personal Space pod will be automatically removed. The appearance of the Personal Space on the Boulevard can be made visible to anyone and can be bought as an NFT from the Wardrobe Mall or Marketplace. These NFT structures can feature messages, videos, or effects.